Time for a Rethink? Since ‘Reset’ is out of the question – YES

I’m sharing a story for reasons which, apart from its general interest, I will discuss below…

‘China willing to share nuclear technology for peaceful use: expert’ – China Daily

This shared article got me thinking, or, more accurately, brought into focus thoughts I have been having for some time. Is it time to open a new discussion? It may be already open for all I know, but I have no evidence of that.  Questions, questions, questions. So many questions this raises. As things begin to weigh more heavily upon us, it becomes time for a rethink.

The general consensus of thought (particularly among those holding ‘alternative’ views) is that ‘the West’ is in decline and dying.  There is much evidence to support that position, for those at least who are not totally engrossed and lost somewhere in the world of social media and/or the current ‘wokeness’ lunacy.  

The Western world, which for the past 2-3 centuries has dominated global affairs, while not recognising that by doing so it has engineered its own demise, is most obviously in trouble and headed for the scrapheap of failed civilisations – taking the rest of the world along with it. 

Or so the thinking goes. Aided by the global crisis (among others) of climate driven forces set to impinge on the world as a whole and its capability to support life in many now humanity congested areas.

“Or so the thinking goes”?

Yes, well, it is mostly Western minds or those minds influenced by Western world logic, who think that way.  And how could they think any differently, being centered in that world and its dominant paradigm?  A paradigm which does not allow them to see, or at least to acknowledge, that a new world of thought and action is opening up with the blossoming of Eastern ie. ‘Asian’ influence.  And particularly ‘Chinese’ influence. Western minds, even my own up to this point. I too have held the view – not so uncommon now as it used to be – that the West is done, on the way out, in decline, losing influence, losing respect. No longer truly dominant in world affairs. Not that it matters any more because due to the impending climate chaos that is now making its presence felt increasingly every year, and the annual damage is outpacing our global ability, even given the will to act positively together, to effect repairs for the annual cost of restoration. This by itself will eventually bring an end to our civilisation though there are many other as yet not counted era-ending conditions to be faced. We, some of us, have faced the possibility of global starvation, of a land incapable of producing food or enough food for more than a few hardy people. Of climate ravaged lands even that will not support highly developed life or life at all. Of further pandemics of much greater severity than the one current plaguing us.

But here’s a thought… What if we Western minded ‘doomsayers’ are wrong? And what if the same impressions growing on many other minds in recent months are wrong? Including those wealthy control freaks who are devising a Great Reset to operate exclusively for their own benefit. What if we all are wrong? What if our minds, tainted with Western thought, have become incapable of thinking outside the box we live in and were ‘educated’ to believe in. What if we all are wrong?

I’m not saying all these dilemmas will not be as devastating as we have come to believe. In fact I am sure that they will. But is that thinking merely a product of my own mindset, informed by the mixture of many other similar mindsets that have influenced me? Is that acceptance of the inevitable due in part to what I see, what I have longed to see for so long, as just reward for the misdeeds of the ethnic group of which I am a part? To be clear, what I see is a technological society whose growth has been made only by standing on the backs of other societies for centuries, beginning to disintegrate before my eyes. Am I projecting that inevitable doom, by extension, onto the rest of the world? Am I foreseeing an end to everything where only part may be so heavily affected? Will there be nations, say those who are not so heavily Westernised and/or not so burdened with crippling debt, crumbling infrastructure, polluted lands, little social cohesion and still clinging to fanciful ideologies of their own imagined importance? Nations who will be better placed (through thoughtful planning and cooperation) to make a better go of a reduced and debilitated living space? I am beginning to think that this is a possibility. I wish right now that I were living among one of those nations, because my own (Western) nation clearly has no hope of surviving what is yet to come.

The article shared at the beginning of this piece, more firmly cemented my thoughts on these matters. The article shared below is one I came across while writing this piece and it is an even stronger convincing voice as to the relevance of my thoughts. I’m not going to spell out what all this means. it seems clear enough to me and it would take too long. Read this article where President Xi of China, speaking at the WEF home of those who project a truly ominous ‘Great Reset’, instead outlining his own plans for a much more workable and equitable ‘Great Change’. The concepts are plainly opposites in nature, so be careful to not get them mixed up or, heaven forbid, joined up. One is a recipe for Reset to a Slave Planet (with YOU, whoever you are, marked down to be a slave). The other is a recipe, a remarkable recipe for Change to a Peaceful, Cooperative, Mutually Beneficial Planet.

You know which one to support and work towards, I hope.

Of course there are no guarantees there will be anybody around to work for any such scheme for mankind’s future. Or is that just my Western mind talking?

“China – Peacefully Forward into the Great Change” – Peter Koenig for New Eastern Outlook.

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