Browsing Satisfaction

Never being satisfied and always looking for something better, I transferred my web browsing activity to the Russian, Chromium based browsing platform – Yandex – a few days ago.  Simple, clean and beautiful in its presentation (see screenshot image – taken with the built-in Yandex screen image tool), flexible and accommodating in its setup, and amazingly expansive in its offered services, I think I may have found a lasting home.

Ok, it is obviously Russian language oriented but its ability to present in English is pleasingly both accurate and fast, and where in a few infrequently used spots the odd untranslated text appears, the imbedded translator is remarkably helpful.

The image of my Home page above shows some of my most frequently used go to sites for news and information.  Having been used to seeing more such options in the Opera browser (similarly Chromium based but never entirely satisfactory for me), I was initially disappointed with the reduced number of tiles on this screen, but have now settled down to realise this is in fact a good thing.  I could, if you are familiar with the Android system, place I think up to four links in each of the tiles but this would add an unnecessary layer of complexity, which I am keen to avoid – and there is of course the normal ‘bookmarks’ facility.  Anyway, I also gain a great deal of pleasure in looking at the chosen background image. 

I could go on to describe some of the excellent included Yandex features, some of which I have never seen in any other browser.  I will simply say that I have been able to successfully set up all the personal app features that I am used to for privacy and security with very little difficulty – even though Yandex also offers those services as inclusions. It took a little digging to work out how to install the separate browser extension for my desktop password manager – Enpass – which has no export facility (a security feature I am happy about), so it was a case of either find a way to install it or ditch the browser. But having previously installed it for Opera I was reasonably certain it would also be possible on Yandex – and it is. That, together with a newly chosen ad-blocker app – AdBlocker Ultimate – and my usual anti-tracker – Privacy Badger – convinced me this was going to be a very worthwhile move. I am perfectly satisfied with the way I have been able to quickly arrive at a delightful and safe browsing experience with Yandex.

I may even try the mail client when I have the time.  Getting a little fed up with the constant begging notifications from Thunderbird.

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