Russia’s Syria Experience

This is a story which I think more than merits being shared here.  The world should know of, and acknowledge, the great work that Russia has done to actually combat the forces of international terrorism in Syria over the past 5 years rather than the mere token effort of others – which efforts often amounted to aid and support of the terrorists rather than opposition.  It is a great story, and one of which the Russian military can be justifiably proud.


But it is more than that.  What Russia has demonstrated in Syria is that it has as a nation risen from the ashes of the fall of the Soviet Union to take its rightful place on the world stage as a pillar and bulwark (along with China) to turn the uni-polar hegemony of Western world interests into a perhaps more stable, and certainly a more equable, multi-polar one. 

The world should be grateful for that.

“The operation in Syria has demonstrated the fundamentally increased capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces, the ability to successfully defend national interests anywhere in the world, as well as the readiness to provide military assistance to its allies and partners. It has strengthened Russia’s authority, increased international influence, neutralizing the attempts of geopolitical competitors to politically and diplomatically isolate our country “, – concluded the head of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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