Listen to Maria. She Knows.

“Global community should closely monitor work of US biological labs — diplomat” – TASS

I have hinted at this same thing myself at various times.  The world should expect no great breakthroughs from the myriad of US biological labs scattered all across the world, especially in nations surrounding their perceived enemies Russia and China.  In fact we should be very suspicious of both the intent and content of those installations.

The Americans are up to no good as usual.  That’s the way they operate.  Don’t be fooled by gestures and words of friendship.  The US is friend to no-one but themselves. A pretty lonely and hollow existence, but they seem to like it.  Or at least those who drive that nation do.  They must be pretty lonely and hollow people themselves.

What kind of people are they to intentionally put such a blight on our world? Are they in fact human?

The world has just witnessed two of their sock-puppets facing off in a rope-less boxing ring aka ‘US Presidential Debate’.  That debacle gave little ground for hope of any change.  One of them being the very epitome of the hollow man.  A person having only the one retained operational capability – the ability to put the evil eye on an unseen audience while speaking ingratiating platitudes and other nonsense.  The other being the exhuberant, uncontained buffoon he has always been.  I would prefer a mostly harmless exhuberant buffoon at the helm (or whatever it is that he does) than a cold, calculating, manipulated, hollow carcass of what may at one time have been a man. 

Not that any of that is going to change a damned thing.

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