Mid-year Point

Where I am it has just passed midnight on the June 30, July 1 boundary and, while I didn’t catch it exactly, here are the current Worldometers statistics for global population.


Net population growth in the last six months (first 6 of 2020), is a little over 40.5 million.  I guess we can knock some of the .5 million off for COVID-19 (which will not have featured in these counts).  Anyway, barring more major efforts of nature or man to cull his numbers over the next 6 months, we are looking at an 80+ million annual population growth yet again – as we have for at least the past 40 years or more.

That throws a little more perspective on the current pandemic, doesn’t it?

I won’t say any more, though there are lots of ideas I could pull out of these numbers – but it is my bedtime.

Post publication note: I should perhaps have said that the daily counts are so low because these numbers are reset at midnight wherever you are and this image was taken just 20 minutes after midnight.

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