Blatant Stupidity

“Victorians report feeling ‘intimidated’ by police enforcing coronavirus shutdown measures” – ABC News

Poor souls. Some Victorians are marshaling the forces of community legal groups because they ‘feel’ they are being ‘unfairly treated’ by police enforcing coronavirus restrictions.

Police have been told to target “blatant” breaches of physical-distancing directives.

Well, I have a message for all these unfortunate victims… 

You are only being targeted by Victoria Police (who pretty much always do a fine job incidentally) because you are too bloody stupid, dim-witted and arrogant, to follow instructions that have been set out for your own good and for the safety of those other folk in your communities who need to be protected from your acts of stupidity. Fuck off home, and stay there.

And if you were meant to be in self-quarantine at the time and were found somewhere else, you should be locked up, preferably in a COVID-19 hospital ward, for the remainder of your quarantine.

I do hope that the image used above, from the linked article, was not taken recently, because none of those people except probably the male walking toward the camera are practicing social distancing as expected of them – not even the police.

No matter the place, no matter the circumstance, the level of public stupidity is never diminished. The sad thing is there is no longer any surprise factor to that.

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  1. Victoria Police. Fine job? I’m not a fan. It couldn’t get any worse than the video I saw this morning of 4 of their UK counterparts who broke into someone’s home (not wearing masks or gloves, touching door handles and furniture), because they thought he was hosting a party (he was alone, with the stereo up loud). The Gen Pub aren’t the only one’s who are “bloody stupid, dim-witted and arrogant”. And after all, the police are recruited from the Gen Pub, not from some benign civilisation from another planet. It figures.

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