How Bad Can It Get?

In my previous post today I tried to give out the message that the next few weeks will open not a few eyes to just how bad things are right now in our one and only world of substantive existence.

In different apsects of the same theme, Kunstler this week rambles on – mostly good stuff and some where he strangely equivocates (well he, like others who depend on their writings for a livlihood, has to attempt to appease his readers I guess*) and eventually comes to the same conclusion that “The weeks ahead there will give the phrase down-to-earth a whole new meaning.”

“Risings and Fallings” – Kunstler

*No, this is not ‘readership’ jealousy. I do this stuff more as a means of personal therapy and to focus and distil my own thoughts than to aspire to have my voice heard. And to provide me with something else to do other than play computer games all day. Always recognisant of the fact that all these activities are but temporary diversions, which will pass at some stage and fade into distant memory.

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