Something is Sick, and It’s Not Russia

It’s very rare that I make three consecutive posts that are all linked thematically – in fact this may be a first for me.

This and the previous two posts all concern concurrency in timing (during the worst pandemic to occur in a century, if not longer), geopolitical situation (the world on the brink of global collapse, a regime of unilateral sanctions), core nations (Russia, USA, in fact all nations), imminent shortage of marketable commodities (oil and gas, medical supplies, everything), and not least of all – universal distrust as a result of the long term lying and deceit that has become the hallmark of this civilisation.

The link below leads to a story with all those things in the background, which has led to the situation where Russia – in order to complete its almost complete new undersea gas pipeline, NordStream 2 – has seen the need to send a pipe-laying ship half way around the world to finish the job that other nations undertook but dropped due to US sanctions.  Russia has also seen fit to escort that ship with its own warships to ensure that it reaches its destination safely.  The US is not beyond having other nations detain and impound shipping on its behalf (they did it to an Iranian vessel not too long ago), so the escort is entirely warranted – and at the same time good practice for the Russian navy.

And yet, as I reported earlier, the two main parties to this sordid affair can come together when dire need arises and even consult on economic matters. Isn’t that crazy.  It is absolutely not normal or rational behaviour on the part of one particular side in this affair.  There has to be a name for it somewhere in the digests of the mental health profession.  ‘Schitzophrenia’?  I don’t know. I’m not an expert in that field.  But there is something very much an illness involved.  A sickness of the mind.  And I think we all know where that lies.  And just to be clear, it is not Russia. 

“Russia Employs Warships To Secure Nord Stream 2 Completion Works” – Southfront

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