Hello Vlad, It’s Donald Here

Possibly following on from my previous post – Russia provides medical aid to America – which began with a Trump-Putin phone call, this story also begins the same way. 

Same phone call?  Can’t say, but could be.  A trade off?  Can’t say, but could be.  

Either way, this I think is perhaps the most important story of the day – perhaps the week, perhaps longer.  Everything from consumer prices, jobs and food deliveries, to business stability to national economic stability, depends on how this plays out.  And Russia is, for once, in the driving seat.  President Putin has played a magnificent game recently, surpassing even his previous all-time best.

“Oil Price Rises After Trump Phones Putin” – Gary Littlejohn for The Saker Blog

There is a link at the end of this Saker Blog article which I am going to allocate – because it deserves that treatment – to a post of its own in the next few minutes, even though this is really all related.

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