Preparation Is Key For Emergency Survival

For many years now I have been an advocate of a state of preparedness for unexpected emergencies.  Perhaps more than ever now, as we enter the third decade of the 21st century, such preparedness is something I personally consider to be an essential survival mechanism.  Not that being prepared, even to the extreme level taken by some – mostly Americans – is any guarantee of a safe passage through even the most rudimentary of disasters.  There is no guarantee of such and, as much as anything, that would be down to a large slice of luck.  But you can extend your ‘luck’ by judicial preparation.  And as this article from The Conversation (Australian version) says, that is a pretty rational way to look at things. 

“Stocking up to prepare for a crisis isn’t ‘panic buying’. It’s actually a pretty rational choice” – The Conversation

From a state of occasionally empty supermarket shelves to one of no more supermarket deliveries, ever, one day, and perhaps not too far away, you are going to wish you had done something about that. 

Note also the link in that article to Australia’s ABC ‘Survival Kit’ page.  It’s pretty basic and has not been updated in 5 years, but better than nothing.

Australians in general have a distaste for ‘panic buying’ and those who indulge in such activity. That is not a rational reaction and is born from two things. One is fear. Fear that they will be left without necessities as a result. The other is incapacity. An incapacity, due to living on the edge of lifestyle insolvency – a situation for which they feel no need to take responsibility to adjust – and an incapacity to actually make the temporarily additional purchases toward building an emergency kit. Even though, once built, such a kit would assuage the effects of both those things, and in addition provide a degree of comfort that possession of such even minor preparation secures. Both those conditions arise from the singularly false expectations that all needs will be provided for in a stable world. The world we are entering now will prove to be many things, but ‘stable’ is not on the list possibilities.

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