NATO Operates ‘Sharing Economy’ With al-Qaeda Terrorists And Other Undesirables

Admitted in theSouthfront report linked below, the Turkish military (part of NATO), shares operational war rooms with, and generally operates alongside, the al-Qaeda affiliated and other terrorist groups operating in Syria’s Idlib province against the legitimate government armed forces of Syria.

Having agreed (or not) on their joint plans for the day, the terrorists – obviously being quicker off the mark than the Turkish soldiers – simply walk up and jump in any Turkish military vehicle left lying around, taking their pick of battle tanks and armoured personnel carriers – and, I suppose, artillery too.

Can you believe that?  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah! I can’t get the smile off my face.  What a laugh.  What a joke.  What a crazy military outfit?

This admission goes some way to answering why on the few occasions we have seen Turkish troops in fighting trim in Idlib, they have been of foot.  Also why Turkey needs to bring fresh convoys of vehicles into Idlib every night – the terrorists keep losing them.

Turkey may be running out of its older US tanks now because there are reports of Leopard 2 tanks being sent to the border area.  Although those beauties may be a bit too high-tech for the terrorist mind bred on old soviet era and US gear.

This admission of working alongside terrorist groups by NATO, which we know has been general practice for many years in the Middle East, may give Australia cause to claim that it was ISIS pilots who were flying the Australian F18s back in September 2017 that killed up to 80 Syrian soldiers who were engaged in attacking an ISIS position near Deir Ezzor, allowing the head-choppers to overcome the attackers and control the area.  I will never allow that foul deed to be forgotten – whoever it was.

And of course we also know who owns the black helicopters frequently, and openly, seen transporting armed ISIS militants from one area to another all across that region of the world. 


Shameful, isn’t it?

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