Listen, You Dimwitted, Delusional, US Political Class Twats

Please allow me to give my own rendition (in the purest form of that word) of what Russia should be saying to the US but would never stoop to using the sort of language that I am prepared to use.  See the TASS report below for what they actually say.  

Listen, you dim-witted, delusional, US political class Twats –  Russia did not, has not, is not and will not, meddle in any way in your insipid, barely functional, notoriously dishonest, deceitful and outrageously dishonourable domestic affairs.  Why would they?  Why would anyone want to disturb the ongoing deterioration and decay endemic to your so-called ‘democracy’?  The world is happy to just sit and watch you determinedly destroy yourselves.

Please take this as official denunciation of and notification that your delusions of any form of Russian interest whatsoever in what you do to yourselves behind closed doors are totally unfounded.

It is realised that you are probably totally incapable of understanding a message of this complexity, so please arrange to have it explained to you in very simple words – if in fact you can stop your childish infighting for long enough to listen.

“Russia strictly observes principle of non-interference into US domestic affairs — official” – TASS

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