ScoMo – Australia’s Bolsonaro

“Thousands Request the Resignation of ‘Australia’s Bolsonaro'”

Well, I hadn’t heard that before but it is a very apt analogy.  Here’s just one thing that makes it so:

“Australia’s Premier to Ban Climate Boycotts”

Let me add, as an adjunct to this, I do not support the kind of anti-government protests that complain about the current climate situation and the growing impacts that is having on people’s way of life. Yes, it is government policies that have made the situation worse than it needed to be, but also it is ordinary people who elected them to do it. Also these people are either unaware or oblivious to the fact that it is their own actions, their own way of life, their own expectations (and that of the past generations of course), which has contributed to the dire circumstances in which we now find ourselves and to which many are now awakening. And few , if any, of them – protesters or non-protesters – would be willing to voluntarily give up those actions, that way of life or those expectations.

So, blaming it on the government may be somehow appropriate and provide the mistaken feeling of having personally done something about it ie. protesting, that will no more solve the issues than actually joining those who attempt to put out the resulting conflagrations, hold back the tides, provide flood relief or storm damage assistance. None of that effort will be effective. In fact nothing will alter what we ourselves have started, knowingly or otherwise, until it has run its course, and any who get in the way of that, or are unable to get out of its way, will perish.

We have to live through what we have been the cause of. As many as are able, anyway. And the only way to do that, other than relying on luck, is to adjust our way of life to become one that is in keeping with this new world environment and that will not feed into those things that are driving it. Such lifestyles are so far removed from those we have now, as to be perhaps unrecognisable or unsavoury to our present appetites. Most people will refuse the opportunity to adjust, and these will also perish. A few might take up the challenge and some of those brave pioneers may live through to the other side.

My final thought on this, and I won’t add any more, is that we are living in a time of existential threat to humanity – and of course to all life on this planet. This is not something that has yet fully sunk into the hive mind of the human race. When it does, people will not be wasting their time in fruitless protest movements. Their – the ones with the vision to perceive the possibility – entire efforts will be spent in working towards their own personal survival, ignoring everything and everyone else of different mind. That is appropriate, and necessary, to ensure or to provide the best chance for continuance of the species. With no regrets and allowing nothing to stand in their way.

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