Mother Nature’s Natural Nuclear Reactors

Mother nature knows how to make a nuclear reactor that will intermittently operate for more than a million years.

I have for some time now been working on gathering information to support a central theme of my view of the origins of human civilisation.  That theme being that nuclear weapons were used some 4,000 years ago in an attempt to settle some issue by the Middle Eastern gods. Weapons, seven in total, it is written that they brought with them when they first arrived on Earth.  The whole thing went drastically wrong and caused the end of their civilisation and a temporary abandonment (by them) of the planet, all in historical times. The unfortunate event most likely was the cause turning what until then was the fertile crescent, in which human civilisation developed, into the mostly desert wasteland that we see today, covered in tells or mounds that still hide much of our buried past. One might come to think that the constant warring and destruction in that area is a deliberate ploy by those who are interested in the truth remaining unveiled to destroy it for ever.

A central character to this story, whether they know it or not, is also a central patriarch owned by all three mono-theistic religions.  I am not going to say any more about that unless or until I can piece together a reasonably cohesive and as far as possible fact-based story around it.  A possibly impossible task. It seems perfectly obvious why those three religions would want that truth (the truth of real physical gods, who are responsible for all that we are today) to never come to light – though I expect they are quite happy for the looney stories to be aired – and may even be responsible for originating some of them.

Anyway, while researching around that I came across this Scientific American story of naturally occurring nuclear reactors discovered in Gambon in 1972 while the French were mining Uranium for their domestic power production.  Interesting reading.   

“Nature’s Nuclear Reactors: The 2-Billion-Year-Old Natural Fission Reactors in Gabon, Western Africa”

I don’t , incidentally, require any help or suggestions on my other work.  There are so many crackpot versions of similar stories going around that it is difficult enough to separate looney ideas from inaccurate or possibly factual data.

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