“Ami Go Home!”

Germany needs to wake up.  It is no longer being well served by its leaders.  But there is one German politician, actually two if I understand correctly – Oskar Lafontaine and Albrecht Müller – who seem to have the right idea.

Their country needs to shake off the American yoke that has born them down for decades.  Unsuccessful calls have been made in the past as described in this Inforos article for “Ami go home!”.  Can the German folk find it within themselves this year to raise a stronger voice and in fact militate to bring that about? 

I’m sure that would happen if there was a fresh realisation as to the danger of hosting US forces on their lands.  And that danger is very real, perhaps now more than ever before.

German politician: “Ami go home!” 
“In Germany, discontent is growing over unequal relations with the United States”

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