Democracy Overshadowed

Australia has given up on democracy and is well on the way to becoming an American style totalitarian state.

PHOTO: It is important to go beyond just the symbolism of what the Prime Minister announced this week. (ABC News: Marco Catalano)

The country has been on that path for years and nobody much, including myself, really noticed.  That’s what happens when a nation gets lulled into a soporific state of false security and false stability, thinking that “it’s all going to be all right” because, well, “we’re Australians” and nobody is going to hoodwink us. 

Well, we have been hoodwinked.  That much is now obvious, with the unexpected election last year that Labour couldn’t lose, but did – either by secret rigging or billionaire Clive Palmer’s $60 million dollar advertising spree under the weak cover of resurrecting his failed political party, which only served to draw away equally weak Labour votes to himself in fantasy hopes of more jobs coming their way.  There are obviously still enough fools in Australia who think that having a job is all they need for everything to be OK.  

And PM Morrison’s autocratic assault on the public service – a continuation of the war begun by Tony Abbott who ensured that there was no government ministry with the word ‘Science’ in its title.  Now there is to be none with ‘Arts’ in its title.  Then a while ago now we were faced with all ministries having a security role being combined into a single all embracing ‘Homeland Security’ department headed by a weird person who has the appearance and style of something one part human, three parts zombie, and who I can see at some point designing for himself a black uniform sporting silver skull heads, knee high boots and riding breeches.   

There are numerous new laws also in these recent years that crack down on personal liberties and allow secret courts to deal out so-called ‘justice’ that the public are banned from ever hearing about.  See “Witness J: How to hide a criminal trial from the public despite Australia’s principle of open justice”    

PHOTO: A range of laws can cloak a trial in secrecy. (ABC News: Danielle Bonica (modified))

Wake up Australia!

Any democracy is only as strong as its public service is effective in maintaining balance and restraining outlandish policy change to the way things operate.  Any government that attacks the public service as Australian neocons have been and still are doing, is not looking to establish more and stronger democracy – just the opposite.

Wake up Australia!

Any national leader who cosies up too closely with any American leader, has lost the plot on defending democracy in their own country.

A fine and timely article by Laura Tingle – Australian ABC’s 7.30 program chief political correspondent.

“Inside the public service shakeup: what it really says about Morrison’s Government”

PHOTO: The institutional memory of how systems had previously been set up to try to do exactly what the Prime Minister says he wants the public service to do has never recovered. (ABC News: Mark Moore)

I should just add, in closing, that the combination of the education ministry with the employment ministry makes perfect sense only in a world where the principal role assigned to education is to simply produce dumbed down drones suitable only for the menial tasks in a society where the many are the destined to be the humble servants of the elite few – whether that be in catering for their personal needs or serving as security or cannon fodder in their armies.

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