Redacted Society

“Why Australia’s media front pages were blacked out today”

This was yesterday.  OK, I’m a day behind. Sue me.

Australia’s major newspapers, such as they are, used a lot more ink than usual on their front pages on Sunday – or was it Saturday, I don’t know, every day is the same to me (I’m retired).  Redaction was the united order of the day, as a protest against perceived – actually real – government clampdowns on media freedom in recent years and more recently.

It is not meant to be a joke, nor should it be taken as such.  Personal liberties as well as hiding the truth from the people by Western governments in general and in Australia in particular, is a growing phenomenon.

At least this media action demonstrates (to some extent) that, unlike in certain other nations, the Aussie press is not (at least extensively) on the payroll of government (or business, or some form of ‘deep state’, or the CIA) – except for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) of course, which is government funded (and is not allowed by law to obtain advertising revenue – thankfully – which makes it the only source of broadcast news I am prepared to watch at all) but supposedly maintains complete editorial freedom, and in any case does not produce printed news-sheets but does display certain biases in its on air reporting or at least displays poor judgement in the choice of many of its news sources (in my view). 

So, this whole secrecy thing and the curtailing of liberty thing is just a symptom of the dying embers of the fire beacons that democracy (Western democracy at least) once was. 

The light will eventually go out completely.  Hopefully that does not occur until the very same moment that modern industrial civilisation also dies.  

Hmmm… not long to go then?

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