Every Day, In Every Way…

A recent share of a July 2019 post in my VK site which was notified to me while writing my previous post here: “Atlantic Hegemony Is Dying”, gave me cause to deliberate that maybe, since I appear to have omitted to share my VK post here, a re-post would be in order. So here it is:

Every Day, In Every Way… (A tale of the dilemmas facing two central bankers)

“Global economy faces increased risk of downturn as central bank bosses face different challenges”

Every day, in every way, it becomes clearer and clearer that modern industry and resource based society, underpinned by its hallucinatory banking and finance markets shell game, is imminently about to take a face-splat onto the concrete foundations of reality …and there is no getting up and bouncing back again from that …no matter how many positive affirmations are fruitlessly vocalised.

And so, every day, in every way, the realisation of this should be dawning on the mist enshrouded minds of every person hoping for a bright tomorrow, that they need to be doing something to at least give them some slim chance to survive the fallout from that coming calamitous event – if such is possible.

No soft landings. No comfortable recovery. Only blood, sweat and tears, from horizon to horizon. That is the extent of the fall we should expect to see. That is our destiny – if we choose to take it – and, gritting our teeth, setting our minds, and bending our backs to the daunting task, make of it what we can. A new beginning. Starting virtually from nothing – and perhaps having no idea where to begin.

There is no place there for the weak – of body or mind, the sick, the aged, the drug dependent, the dependent on anything, the lazy, the do-gooders, the ne’er-do-wells of all kinds, the leaners, the lost and hopeless, the deviants, the gender-benders, the enforcers, the controllers. None of these, mostly products of modern society, are made of the stuff that will make it through the maelstrom that follows every social collapse there ever has been. And sometimes nobody does. And this one will not be merely local, or even national, but global in extent, because it will not simply be an ‘economic’ fall but other factors whose shadows are even now crossing our horizon will merge into the prolonged multi-faceted event that will ensure we are utterly unable to restore even a fraction of what we have become accustomed to over the past few generations.

That is obviously not how many people see it, but trust me, they stand no chance in the new world that will emerge. But you, if you are made of the right stuff, and with a little bit of luck, just might.

It will not depend on how much food or equipment you have put by. It will not depend on how much you know. Though those things may be helpful. It will certainly not depend on how much wealth or influence you think you have. That is the old way and will have no place in the new. Old things will be gone. Everything will be new – or at least unpractised or provisioned with little experience.

But some of us have to make it. Or the past few thousand years will have been for nothing.

While I link to this news story I am obviously talking of much more than any single news item could encompass. There is no single news item, book, TV series, academic paper, or saloon bar story that could possibly cover what we must now look to. It is everything, taken as a whole, the whole gamut of modern life experience and everything resulting from that, and more, much more than we are able to control, that we must now consider impacting on our individual miniscule lives and our species as a whole.

Can you see it?

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