Syrian Stalemate Broken With An Avalanche Of Movement – Thank Goodness

When I applauded the Turkish incursion (it is not actually an invasion as it has so far been reported) of northern Syria a few days ago, I did so because I could see that this was the very best possible event for a decent outcome to the two year stalemate into which Syria had settled since liberating most of its lands from terrorists and other aggressors.

Syria, having battled so bravely in the years leading up to early 2018 to free itself from aggressors (with the assistance of many allies), was never going to be able to clear the remaining part of its lands while ever the US coalition was involved in occupying them.  
Russia’s hands were also tied – the two major nuclear armed powers could not enter or risk a direct face-off over Syria.  But Turkey, a NATO nation and also a guarantor of Syrian sovereignty, could (at first negotiate with the US, and then) threaten the US with an invasion of its own, with legitimate reasons of its own for doing so, into Syrian territory occupied by the US.  

The ruse, and I feel sure that is what it was, planned to perfection by Russia, Turkey, Iran and perhaps even Syria, all of whom have been making appropriate ‘shocked’ noises since it began, worked brilliantly.  US forces are leaving northern Syria and with impossibly fast responses (unless pre-planned), Russian and Syrian government forces are taking advantage of that with moves that would have been impossible to consider in any other circumstances.

The SDF north of Aleppo have ‘allowed’ Syrian forces to move through their positions in  Manbij and as far north as Kobani on the Turkish border.  Brilliant move.  There have been up to 100 US troops in Kobani in recent days.   

“Syrian army enters Manbij in northern Aleppo governorate – TV”


Now Russian forces have bridged the Euphrates in record time (the US earlier destroyed all the bridges) to allow major Syrian forces to cross into US occupied territories the Syrians have not visited for years now.  These pushes are just what is needed to mop up or chop up any further SDF resistance and I expect first objectives will be to liberate small government pockets still holding out in Hasaka province and also to secure the prison camps holding thousands of IS terrorists. The SDF will now have to negotiate with the Syrian government – and they don’t have too many good options for the sort of outcomes they have been hoping for.

“Russian army puts up bridge in record time to deploy heavy arms, aid across Euphrates”

“Army units move north to confront Turkish aggression on Syrian territory”


Turkey deserves some praise for being the catalyst for all this action and this remarkable turn of events, unforseeably happening any other way. Turkey is now in a strong position to negotiate safe borders with Syria and the two countries will need to get together to mutually work an acceptable settlement. That is something which Russia is well capable of arranging and ensuring – of that I am certain.

All of this, every aspect of it, brings great joy to my heart at the prospect of once again seeing a completely liberated Syria – not to mention the complete humiliation of the US who have been the main drivers of this protracted conflict that has caused so much suffering death and destruction over many years now.  Good riddance to the bastards.

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