Cooperate Or Perish

“Formation of Greater Eurasian Partnership among Russia’s priorities — diplomat”

In a post made a few days ago I reported the notion that Russia has for some time been interested in the formation of a united Europe that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  A kind of ‘Greater Eurasian Partnership’.  This TASS report confirms that, with statements like:

“The establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union has made it possible to consolidate cooperation between its member nations in the interests of accelerated development and adaptation of the national economies to the changes in the global economic situation,” he said. “Our priority is also to create a Greater Eurasian Partnership, a wide integration association from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean involving the Eurasian Economic Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ASEAN, and other Eurasian states, including the European Union countries.”

That is a wonderful idea and goal except that, in my view, it is being pursued for the wrong reasons.  The stated aim is “…the development of integration processes as major instruments of economic growth.”  Integration processes that lead to peaceful coexistence and cooperation would be a remarkable achievement, but as we are all about to learn, mostly the hard way and to our cost, ‘economic growth’ is not an integral part of that and in fact will become an impossible dream for future pursuance.  The insightful among us should already be capable of detecting that.

I will say no more, because I basically applaud the sentiment that is behind Russia’s drive, which is in most aspects the same as that of China with its Belt and Road initiative.  We must cooperate or perish and any initiative that facilitates peaceful coexistence and local, even long distance, trading, where that may still be a future possibility, whether that be by road or rail, by truck, train, bullock cart, horseback or on foot, is to be applauded. 

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