Let Me Tell You A Joke…

The US is a sick, sick puppy – if the US media is anything to judge by.

More concerned with potential or alleged external interference in their over-esteemed democratic election process, for the protection of which they obviously possess very weak defences (or why would they still be voicing concern over it?), than in concentrating their focus on their own ailing national economy (and its unrepayable debt), which is in need of drastic surgery and massive life support measures to retain its even now very shallow and laboured breathing.

Plus, they have no sense of humour, no capability for introspection, and a complete inability to extract themselves from the self-dug pit of incohesion and ineffectiveness into which they have fallen. 

A harmless joke – at the US expense, and well-deserved of course – made light-heartedly by Russian President Putin, has generated an apoplexy of alarm and concern in US media circles – reminiscent of the actions of a bunch of headless chooks. 

See what the fuss is all about in this brief video. After a moment of fully justified hilarity (I have remarked before on Mr Putin’s good sense of humour – and this occasion is not at all out of place) the President quickly moved on to the really serious matters that occupy Russia’s political focus.

‘Yes, sure, we’re definitely going to do that. Just don’t tell anyone,’ said Mr Putin

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