Re-education, Not Degradation And Humiliation

“Saudi Arabia, Russia express support for China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang”

The West does love to stir up public sentiment against those it can’t get along with, not least being Russia and China.  Hence the hue and cry from the West concerning Chinese treatment of a small portion of its more than 11 million Uyghur muslims – the fifth largest minority people in its huge population.

Meanwhile, in contrast to the West, ” No leader of a major Muslim-majority country has publicly condemned the treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang, with many observers noting significant foreign investment from Beijing across the Muslim world, including via the Belt and Road initiative.”

So, what’s the fuss all about?

Well, certain enclaves of Uyghurs hold extremist views, just like similar groups in all the world’s religions where fundamentalist values hold sway.  They are generally of a separatist nature and prone to using violence of various degrees in attempts to meet their aims.  The communities in which they reside of course object to such extremes of troublemaking and take steps to eradicate it.  This is just another case of that type.

Since violent Uyghur groups now operate in many troubled areas around the world (Syria, Ukraine, to name just two) I have to say that I also support whatever action national governments see fit to take as measures to counter such undesired infiltrations.  China, it seems, is pursuing a very humanitarian program of re-education for a group (said to be over a million) of identified Uyghur extremists.  This is a small proportion of the Chinese Uyghur population – and who knows, there could be other dissident groups among them) – so it cannot truthfully be claimed, as the West gleefully does, to be an ethnic cleansing exercise or any other form of persecution.

It is simply part and parcel of maintaining law and order in a nation that is fast becoming a world leader.  

In China the Uyghur troubles started in 2009: “How China’s mass detention of Uyghur Muslims stemmed from the 2009 Urumqi riots”

Incidentally, a note on the recent video revelation of blindfolded Uyghurs being moved somewhere else in China, there was not a word of complaint by many now raising voices of alarm and protest when the US treated others much more harshly in their prison hell-hole of Guantanamo Bay, was there? These people are not hobbled with leg-chains, do not wear orange coveralls, have bags over their heads, or are forced into unnatural positions for walking by several uniformed thugs.

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