Humanitarianism ~ The Protection Of Terrorists. Uhh??

“Russia and China Block a Draft Security Council Resolution Aiming at Protecting Terrorists in Idleb”

Germany and Belgium it seems, along with Kuwait, want to prolong the conflict in Syria’s Idlib province by protecting the terrorist hordes stationed there. One might question their motives for doing so. The move, in the form of a draft UNSC resolution, was quite rightly and justly, vetoed by Russia and China.

In the real world all terrorists, which incidentally can also be defined as ‘all Western-backed terrorists’, anywhere in Syria, are fair game for extermination at the earliest opportunity, along with their families if they get in the way. Total annihilation is what they deserve, and what they will get, in spite of Western interference. They are not subject to the recent ceasefire agreement nor to the Astana format agreements made between the guarantor states of Russia, Turkey and Iran. It is not the intention to allow any of them to leave there alive. Nor should it be. The time for making deals is over. They were given opportunity to relinquish terrorism but chose to make a last stand in Idlib – expecting Western aid to save them. Now it is time to die.

I understand that Russia has even negotiated for Turkey to relinquish its own support for some of them. It is quite certain that a considerable number of NATO special forces also operate among these terrorists but I expect they will simply melt away when things become too heated.

OK. Let’s take a look at how the West sees this. It is pretty woeful, degenerate, and full of lies, but to be entirely expected.
“Russia, China Block UN Humanitarian Resolution on Syria’s Idlib” 

There is of course an ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria, but it is directly as a result of the activities of these terrorists and the illegal presence of foreign troops still occupying various parts of the country. After the problem that both of those groups represent has been dealt with, Syria will once again become a haven of peaceful existence – all other things being equal, and subject to the very same issues that are and will beset all nations anywhere around the world.

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