Dancing The ‘Ring-o-Roses’ As Chaos Rules

Have you noticed how heartily the demons of chaos are partying around the world? Nothing is running as normal any more and, quite frankly, ‘normality’ has been listed as ‘missing’ for quite some time.

It’s a chaotic world we now live in. It’s also a very nervous world, and that is mainly due to one crazy old auntie as Jim Kunstler informs in ‘Unsettled Weather’:

“The US is something like the world’s crazy old auntie, whom everyone else would like to lock in the attic. Except she happens to be cradling a bazooka, so they’ll go on trying to ignore her a while longer, hoping she doesn’t launch any rockets at the neighbors.”

But even if we could lock the US away and forget where we put the key, there is enough other chaos going the rounds all over the place to keep normality at bay, possibly for as long as it takes for the world to finish its game of ‘Ring-o-Roses’, take a last sneeze from what ails us (the vanishing fumes of the oil industry), and all end up flat on our backs.

Jim, the master of one-liners, sums it up:
“Without that cheap oil, growth is impossible, and without growth, crackup is inevitable.”

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