Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave…

The incongruity of this image (the story is secondary) of the leader of a NATO nation (a group that has, ruthlessly and without any logical reason, sworn undying enmity to Russia) whispering into the ear of the leader of the Russian nation on agreements made jointly between them.

An unbelievably ridiculous situation all centred around a conflict engineered by NATO under the leadership and tutelage of an over-egoed, narcissistic nation, the US, hell bent on destroying or bringing to heel all parts of the world that are not submissive to its diabolical hegemony and bringing into play forces that place into unwarranted danger that particular and most precious region of the world that is the eternal cultural heritage of all humanity, its irreplaceable historic place of origin and the rise of civilisation – the (once) Fertile Crescent of the Euphrates-Tigris basin – and putting at risk the expansion and blossoming of the so far barely known truth of our own beginnings – much of which still lies buried there and some of which has already been hidden away in museums around the world, permitting the false stories of more modern religious contrivances to hold sway in our belief systems and to distort to a large extent our knowledge as to who we really are.  All purposefully done to maintain 1,000 to 3,000 year old mythical and freedom curtailing alternative stories which unjustifiably grant a status of ‘exceptionalism’ to small minority components (race or belief defined groups) of the human race.

We sit idly by while all of this turmoil and deception plays out in real time around us, apparently powerless to intervene.  Are we left with any hope? 

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