Fifty Just And Virtuous Men?

It’s a sick, sick, sick, sick world we live in today.  The world of man, that is.  And I for one have almost had enough of pouring out the sick, sick, sick, sick stories of its collapse into the degradation of all morality and sense of justice and what is right.

Is anything worth saving?  Is anything worth my continuing time and effort to highlight? 

As some supposed deity is reported to have once said (paraphrasing) – ‘Show me 50 just and virtuous men living there and I will not destroy that city’.  Inevitably, the city was destroyed.

And this story below, this admission of worthlessness and dishonour, this sorry tale of our dishonourable times – and the New York Times – means that we have learned nothing of honour and truth and justice, or anything much of value at all over thousands of years of opportunities to do so.  We are truly worthless and beyond hope of ever changing as supposedly sentient beings.

Not that that matters in any significant way.  We are doomed to extinction or near extinction.  And that brought about by our very own actions.  Perhaps we will do better next time, if there is a next time.

I’ve put this story at the end because, well, that’s where it belongs:
“New York Times Admits ‘We Built Our Newsroom’ Around Russia Collusion Hoax”

Far be it from me to give the much despised Breitbart any accolades but this time, whatever their motives, while declaring the already known, they are doing the world a favour.  Just ignore their call-out of anti-semitism towards the end of the piece (which probably points to their twisted motives). 

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