Past The Age of Be- Through The Age of Re- Entering The Age of De-

Twilight of humanity…

The final generation of growth…

The final generation of ‘old people’…

No more great grandparents…  No more grandparents…

There are 24 started but unfinished posts sitting in the edit section of this blog.  This is one of them.  I hope to finish it now.

I wrote the words above the ellipsis and the title of this piece almost 18 months ago in September 2016.  It still has the ring of truth to me – with all that that implies, although I can’t remember exactly why I did it now…

…but  I think it must have been something like this…

It’s all a question of prefixes:

Past The Age of Be-
(The Old Times, long, long ago – though some of us can still have vague memories, when life was slow and mostly uncomplicated – ‘before’ modern times)
Prefix meaning: around (as on all sides); thoroughly, completely; to make, cause seem; to provide with.

Being, Begin, Bearing, Become, Before, Behave,
Behold, Belief, Belittle, Belong, Bemuse, Benign,
Beside, Besiege, Besmear, Bestow, Betray,
Betroth, Beware, Bewilder, Beyond.

Through The Age of Re-
(The Modern Age – increasingly complex and rapidly becoming unworkable and untenable – we are nearing its inglorious end, with no hope or even an attempt to ‘reverse’, ‘return’ or ‘restore’ the way things were)
Prefix meaning: back to the original place; again, anew, once more, against, “also with a sense of “undoing”.

React, Rearm, Rebel, Rebuff, Rebuke, Recall, Recant, Recede, Recidivism, Reciprocate, Reckless, Reckoning, Reclaim, Recoil, Record, Recount, Recourse, Recover, Recruit, Recurrent, Recuse, Redact, Redeem, Redeploy, Redouble, Redoubt, Refer, Refill, Refine, Refit, Reflate, Reflect, Reform, Refrain, Refresh, Refuel, Refuge, Register, Regress, Regret, Regulate, Rehash, Reinforce, Reject, Relapse, Relegate, Relent, Relief, Rely, Remain, Remand, Remonstrate, Remorse, Remote, Remove, Renegade, Renounce, Repair, Repay, Repeat, Replace, Represent, Repress, Reprisal, Repulse, Repute, Rescue, Resent, Reserve, Reset, Residual, Resign, Resilience, Resist, Respect, Respond, Restore, Restrain, Restrict, Retract, Retreat, Return, Reverse, Revert, Revise, Revoke, Revolt.

Entering The Age of De-
(The End Times – Twilight of humanity – born and resulting, most likely, from the ‘decay’ and ‘decline’ of the Modern Age)
Prefix meaning: down, off, away, from among, down from,” but also “down to the bottom, totally” hence “completely” (intensive or completive)

Dearth, Death, Debacle, Debar, Debility, Debit, Debris, Debt, Debunk, Decamp, Decarbonise, Decay, Decease, Decelerate, Decentralise, Decide, Decimate, Declare, Decline, Decompose, Decrease, Decrepit, Defect, Defend, Defer, Deficient, Define, Defunct, Degenerate, Degrade, Delete, Demolish, Depopulate, Depravity,  Depress, Deprive, Derelict, Derive, Descend, Desert, Deserve, Desist, Desolate, Desperate, Despond, Destiny, Destitute, Destroy, Detach, Deter, Determine, Detract, Detritus, Devaluate, Devastate, Develop, Devoid, Devolution.    

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