Syraq – Cradle Of Civilisation

Syraq, that recently named new proto-nation, an unofficial joint venture between Syria and Iraq, facilitated by there being no recognisable joint border separating them from one another and having at least some form of organised structure in the shape of Daesh, the so-called Islamic State in charge of at least parts of both countries.

And then of course there are the Kurds: The Final Breakup of Iraq? Barzani calls for Kurdistan Referendum


Iraq in particular, but also Syria as part of what was once called ‘The Fertile Crescent’, where human civilisation first …I was going to say ‘began’… bShumer4ut a more correct term would be ‘sprung up’ because it appeared quite suddenly as a fully formed society at a higher level of social cohesion, organisation, and humanity than we enjoy today.  A society which could lay claim to more ‘first’ discoveries in all of the sciences than any of its successors.


But take a look at that region now.  What an absolute shambles and mess.  And not only that region but pretty much anywhere you care to look around the world, though the buildings may not yet be so shattered and broken as in that area but the social cohesion, spirit of the people, economic outlook, justice, health, security, and most other critical measures of stability, are all gradually or in some case much faster than that, breaking down and leading inexorably to the same failed state situation as we currently see in Syraq.

I could have chosen any number of reference writings to back up my argument here but I chose the first one that I came across today:  The drastic plunge in oil prices could have catastrophic consequences in Iraq  and I supplement that with this video of Homs in Syria:

I was going to continue writing about how we humans have changed the cradle of civilisation, a blooming, blossoming, veritable Garden of Eden (The land of Shumer 6,000+ years ago which, for many thousands of years before that first civilisation of Man, had been known as the E.din – ‘Abode of the Righteous Ones’ by the original developers of the region), by turning it into a derelict slum area and wasteland that will never again, at least under our jurisdiction, rise to the glory of what it once was.

But I can’t face doing that right now.  It hurts too much.



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