Was This A Turkish Setup?

Did those German tourists die on Tuesday 12 January 2016 in Istanbul a) as a result of an IS terror attack? or b) in a Turkish oligarchy setup made to look like a) for their own reasons?

There are many questions asked in this RT article: Is Erdogan playing terror to garner political support within and without?   There are many questions which demand answers.  Some of the issues are discussed in the article, which makes very interesting reading.

Black flag or false flag?  National Security or national disgrace?  Terror or government planned slaughter?  Are we being played for fools yet again?  And who is behind it?  Turkey or a well known player at those type of games?

56963a80c4618836108b45adPhoto credit: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. © Christian Hartmann / Reuters


We may, or may never find out.  These things often do become clear though as time passes.

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