Taking The Piss Out Of Pomposity

Now, if I were mischievous, …oh well, let’s face it, I am, sometimes.  But there is always a serious side to my mischief, whether people get that or not, and they probably mostly don’t.

It’s 42°C (108°F) outside today (bloody hot), and the heat may have driven me to do this (a weak excuse).  I commented on this rather pompous over-declaration of human value post on a FaceBook page that streams to my News-Feed, not with the intention of promoting the post in any way but of putting some perspective on the subject.


The FB post featured the image to the right, borrowed without crediting the owner, as far as I can tell (the image in the post was clipped).

I have not reproduced the image very large as, once again, it is not something I strongly agree with.  In fact I think it presents a rather pompous, over-inflated view of human importance in the affairs of this planet on which we dwell.

But enough of that.  Here is the comment stream I promised.

On the face of it, that may appear to be a lighthearted jab on my part, and really that is what it was meant to be.  Of course there are always the Serious Sams, caught up in their own world view, who have to pass on their own usually irrelevant viewpoint.  Having said that, I know that whatever I say is also open to interpretation as well, and I do often struggle quite heavily with that burden.  None of us are perfect I know, so I am not going to get into cross-examination of replies here.  It is just sad that most folk think that one or two sentences make for a cogent argument about anything.  But then I expected that.

Like I said earlier, I always have a serious side to my mischief.  The comment I made, apart from the last sentence (since I have only vague ideas like everyone else does about how things will end for the human race) was meant to be a thought provoking history lesson of sorts.  I doubt if anyone really understood that, but I hoped as I often do, that what was said might raise questions in people’s minds.  There were six ‘likes’  and only two ‘replies’ so I have some hope (although I will probably never know) that some of the others could grasp what I was saying.

What questions did I hope might be raised?

Original purpose, serving gods‘?  What gods?  How did that come about?
Working in mines‘?  What mines?  Where?
The gods got fed up and left‘?  Why?  Where did they go?  What did they expect to become of us?  Are they coming back?

Good questions, assuming that any truth and importance can be assigned to the statements that raised them.  So?

Anyone with an understanding of ancient history, based on written records from historically investigated locations and the times of historical figures widely known to us, unbiased by any religion – ancient or modern, and presenting a complete account of prehistorical events (on which are based many modern religious creation accounts), would already know the answers to these questions.

Whether we believe the ancient accounts or the various interpretations assigned to them, is entirely another matter.  Many of us are gullible enough to believe the second-hand accounts derived from them, so why not the originals?

The accounts have been traced by various authors to physical places and locations as described in the accounts.  Sometimes a little sensationally and sometimes by stretching the imagination a little or a lot, depending on how stretchy your imagination is, currently.  This is why we need to have a good basic knowledge of history and science and, well, everything, really.  Too many of us are fooled into accepting what we were told from our childhood and have never questioned any of it personally.  That amazes me, given how the world (or should I say ‘society’, falling into my own trap) is turning out these days.

I have used this quotation, assigned to The Buddah, in another post recently, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it here:

Believe nothing, merely because you have been told it or because it is traditional, or because you yourselves have imagined it. Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings, that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide.

Unfortunately, like many hidden truths, unsavoury organisations including some with a Nazi bent, have inappropriately taken these historical accounts for their own in recent times, so a genuine researcher needs to beware of falling into those spheres by accident.  Where is Indiana Jones when we need him?

Added after publication:

Occasionally, just once in a while, one gets to feel some sort of deep satisfaction that some little thing that one has done has actually been worth it.  That means a lot.

I have added this extra bit (a post-post?) to show what I mean.  Here is a snapshot of the comment stream I posted earlier following on from where that ended.


Who knows?  I may have helped start someone on a path of investigation which will, if nothing else, assuming they genuinely seek knowledge, expand their horizon of thought and open up their life to a rich world of possibility.  One cannot ask for more than that from something as simple as writing a few words.

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