Have a lulu of a Christmas

Ok.  Being something of a Grinch, this is, I think, as close as I am going to get to making any acknowledgement of Christmas this year (and the song is really about the 1st of May).  Oh well, close enough.

Have a look at this:


Lulu was married to Maurice Gibb of the BGs for a short time, late ’60s – early ’70s, and they obviously retained deep affection for each other as evidenced by this recording.

I have always loved Lulu.  Still do.  She was, to an extent, an important part of my formative years.  Remember her in ‘To Sir With Love’?   Here’s a rare clip you may enjoy: https://youtu.be/GKClt5pJLFQ).



 Christmases come.  Christmases go.  Just like birthdays.

But over a lifetime of memories, it is those memories which remain strong, those significant building blocks which created the many layers of who we are, that are the most important things.

Treasure them.  And keep adding more.


2 thoughts on “Have a lulu of a Christmas

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  1. You’re not a Grinch. ( I had to Google….again). Neither am I. We just see what others don’t.

    I have acknowledged Christmas this year by sending 3 cards (through the post) and dropping 3 more into neighbour’s letter boxes, to acknowledge the 6 cards I received. That’s all. The supermarket this morning was crazy….no, I mean the people in it were crazy. I should have left my weekly shop till Saturday and had it all to myself.

    Have a good day tomorrow (note: I didn’t wish you a good Christmas…just a good day).

    1. Oh I’m a Grinch all right. Well I try to be. But not a rude Grinch, I hope.

      I have accepted an invitation from my ex-mother-in-law for a family Christmas lunch. I really wanted to stay by myself, but not wanting to appear ungrateful, decided to go. Could have done without the stress and traveling, but there it is.

      Thank you, and I hope that you and yours have an enjoyable day too.

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