Good Help Is Hard To Find These Days

“According to Iraqi MPs familiar with the situation, Prime Minister Hayder Abadi is “under tremendous pressure” to formally request military aid against ISIS from the Russian Federation, despite US threats to end all aid to the government if they do so.”

Well their current ‘help’ isn’t exactly being of much assistance, is it?

At least they can see that Russian actions in Syria are being effective.  But then, Syria still has an army capable of taking advantage of the assistance Russia is providing.  I’m not at all sure that the US trained Iraqi army has that capacity.  If I were the Russians I wouldn’t even consider going there.  Well, not unless someone provides decent foot soldiers, and Iraq is a little short of friends in the region.  At least ‘friends’ who are not just there to promote their own agenda.

This post inspired by: Iraqi PM Under ‘Tremendous Pressure’ to Ask Russia for Help Against ISIS

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