Sore Losers Resort to Lies and Deception

It’s simple really. If you can’t win, make it look like the opposition does not exist and eliminate them from the competition. Except, if you do that, who are you really deceiving?

It’s the same with sport and technological achievement as it is with the capability to win in military confrontations – especially if that is what your main claim to authority and superiority is based upon.

That explains everything going on in the world just now. And I mean, ‘everything’.

But it is no way to establish a structure of any permanence. No way to encourage participation and cooperation, because sooner or later your house of cards is going to fall, your repute will suffer irrecoverable ignominity and, any trust you may have accumulated among contemporaries will vaporise.

This is the current state of the US led west in this third decade of the 21st century of the ascent of man since the rise and fall of the previous most successful global empire, which also fell for much the same reasons. And in the end it was not so much their technological and military superiority which failed them, but a societal sickness and gradual degradation held together, for so long as it did, by self-deception as to their own reputed invincibility. Exactly what we are seeing repeated now, 2,000 years later.

Except that this time we do not have to go through a thousand years of dark ages, since we have ready made successors. You know who they are. The nations on the west’s cancellation list. They are up and ready to go, in unity and peaceful cooperation. The wise will already be turning their gaze in that direction, welcoming a new era of constructive and inclusive acceptance of global amity with no fear of dominance by a single preeminent minority.

Let’s let go of the past, shake off the bonds of imposed ideology, and move towards a potentially much brighter future. Not necessarily more productive. Not necessarily more comfortable. Not necessarily more wealthy, but certainly more fair and just for everyone. And without the waste we have in the past so thoughtlessly poured into building weapons of mutual self-destruction which have engendered so much fear, death and destitution in our present world. That will go a long way toward ensuring our global success while also maximising each person’s personal comfort and security.

I thank Andrei Martyanov for sharing the enlightening exposure of the current drivers of world experience in the blog article linked below, since we need to see it as what it is, before we can join together to get rid of it and see the real picture that will lead us onward, with renewed purpose. Never forgetting that there are those who have for many years held that vision, largely unseen by the oppressed, and have been working hard toward making conditions to bring about this new future. These are the ones who are missing from the west’s table of mediocrities falsely elevated to technological leadership presented in that article.

‘What’s Wrong With This Picture Or…’ – Andrei Martyanov blog.

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