Impotency of West’s Military Force on Display

I have repeatedly portrayed in these pages the much vaunted (by themselves) ‘superiority’ of the military forces of the western nations as actually more resembling a spent force or a hollow charade – if it ever was a force with overwhelming power on a global scale lined up against anything but a third rate disorganised and ill-equipped opponent. But who am I to make such claims – other than an interested observer of global events.

So it is with great pleasure that I can now point to the support of a much respected voice, speaking of the same things. I need say no more. Please read.

‘The Arsenal of Democracy Isn’t’ – William Schryver – imetatronink

Hmmm… you didn’t really think I would say no more, did you? Just a few more important words…

I firmly believe that over the next few days, or a week or three, we will see these concepts played out in real time over there in the former Ukraine. Russia will begin its great push to end this thing – either before or immediately following the current conflict one year anniversary date of February 24. This will see either an ignominious capitulation of western interest in continuing their hopeless European venture, or they will be resoundingly defeated on the field of battle. Either way it will mean the demise of NATO and a contiguous withdrawal of US forces from that continent. It will mean far more than that of course. Think – no more global hegemon. Think – uni-polarity and world domination gone for ever. Think – security and ensured national sovereignty for all peaceful nations. All of this is about to happen and it is all necessary for the ensured future peaceful development of humanity. The alternative is unthinkable.

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  1. Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay and commented:
    Circa right now, the West as a collective, is disorganized and disgraceful, for they are at the mercy of a Chosen Few. And the “collective West” is not openly carrying a banner in an overt manner in an attack on the enemy. Like the way battles were fought in a very distant past.

    Bet everything I have on the reality that there are warriors in America, Marines that served in the past, that are sickened at the LIES.

    And this newfangled apparatus of a quasi-hybrid, asymmetrical, covert, proxy war against Russia via Ukraine is to no benefit to any ordinary people in the West, like me, people who want to enjoy their families and friends , who work and have good work, and careers and are doing work that is rewarding in nature for it is wholesome work. Alot of us need to pay our bills, as they say. And the prices of goods and services across the entire spectrum of the measurable economy, from housing, to fuel, to milk & eggs, to everything – whilst this same sickening Tikkun Olam inspired system of leadership LIES TO US.
    Inflation doesn’t exist, recession is not a thing, democracy is for all of us, votes are counted (and if they are counted they still don’t count for voting doesn’t count because nothing changes – it’s the same , Democrats or Republicans, nothing changes, our nation has deteriorated into a crime zone ) – BIG LIES.

    Ordinary people want peace. This rant is whatever, but make no mistake – taken to task – Marines, like my brother in law, like a few of the core bloggers on the WordPress platform – if they had a righteous cause to stand up and defend against – these warriors are not impotent.

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