It’s Time to Get Real

…at least as real as you can, from an armchair. Time to feel something of what it’s about. Time to work out how THEY feel. Those men who put it all on the line every minute of every day, for their country, and countrymen, and women.

It’s not for me to say but, in order for me to empathise, I need to feel at least something of how they feel. How they describe what they do. Russian soldiers are moral, caring and, under the hard surface (which may at any moment, break), sensitive beings, with feelings that can be damaged as easily, in the circumstances under which they work, as those of a small child.

But first, to set the mood, a touch of Wagner. You know the ‘Wagner’ I mean, I’m sure.

[If you have the lyrics to this piece, please share, if possible (Russian or English).]

…and now, much, much more than a touch of Wagner…

Prepare to be touched. On the ground. Under the ground. In ruins. In the thick of it. In the quiet times. In the heart. In the lungs, In the very soul.

There is no gore here. Only men, working and talking.

If you use the YouTube settings wheel, you can get an English translation (or any other of the listed languages). But since the translation is based on sound rather than script, it can be patchy – with missing and incorrect words. But you can get the gist of what is going on.

This may be a one-off posting. I don’t normally share actual real footage or front-line interviews. But I believe this conflict is about to take a dramatic turn in the next few days, and no matter how costly it has been so far, for all, we may be entering a far more deadly time. Aimed hopefully to bringing this to a swift but victorious conclusion. There are only a few scenarios which could ensure that (I gave some ideas several weeks ago in Hallelujah! At Last a Sane Appraisal of the Kherson Affair …and more…), and many others which could see this either drag on for many months – even years – depending on the tenacity and/or stupidity of the western powers. or the whole thing could be interrupted and brought to a virtual closure by an act of epoch-ending madness by those same western powers. All it takes to stop everything and return to a peaceful existence is for the west to capitulate and sign deeds which will guarantee Russia the equitable assurances she put forward more than a year ago now.

We will know which way this is going to progress very soon now I think.

May goodness, straight thinking, and a clear view of the fragility of the human condition, prevail.

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