The Land of Make Believe, Would You Believe?

I need another interlude, because I have something to say and something to which I want you to listen.

First, and it seems I have gotten the title of this piece the wrong way round (except it didn’t work the other way), this is what I want to say…

Would You Believe? …any information you hear coming from the authorities, the media, the UN or any of its or their subordinate organisations …on almost any subject but particularly on COVID (anything related to that) or matters of population, as it relates to humans and, in particular, to our future. The only correct and acceptable answer, is… NO! All of those aforementioned groups are notorious and incorrigible liars, whose only aim is to confuse YOU (and me, of course – except I am prepared to instantly dismiss everything they say, avoiding most where possible but also including those things I may accidentally – or am made – hear or see).

You will obviously want an example or two as to what I am talking about, so try this…

The current situation vis-à-vis COVID, give or take ballparks, is that there have been some 646 million actual cases (or claimed cases). That’s the first WYB? This equates to only 8% of us ever having had COVID – and you can bet your boots most of those were in people who were asymptomatic and never felt a thing – except the sting of forced confinement and attempted suffocation. Then, here’s another. COVID registered deaths (since the beginning), have been some 6.6 million. Whether that is believable or not is another matter. Don’t worry about tail end of that count – thousands, hundreds, tens and units, since most of them were going to die anyway, as also were many of the 6.6 million, although their deaths may have been a little… what’s the word? …expedited? But… here’s the next WYB? Those COVID death and case figures result in a fatality rate of just 1.02%. Almost exactly what was originally predicted and not dissimilar to the normal Influenza death rate, which politely disappeared from the scene, though vaccines are still being dispensed for it, and even joint vaccines with COVID mRNA. What could go wrong? The facts, the WYB?s, are based on the figures. The figures themselves, are based on, what? You figure it, but it won’t turn out to be anything very savoury. This was all a preplanned exercise in regulated population control, drug administration, drug distribution, and capitalist profiteering. Like sheep, most people, westerners especially, mostly westerners in fact, fell into line, thoughtlessly and oh so compliantly, just as they were expected to do. On that basis it was a complete success. Top marks to the organisers. Of course we know who they are, who their accomplices were and, unfortunately, who their dupes also were. Retribution is expected. Again, unfortunately, no retribution will be sufficient to mitigate the suffering of the millions of victims – most yet to feel the pain.

The sad thing is, nothing has changed. Well, actually it has, but is not yet visible. For now, we continue to live in a land of make-believe. Speaking of that, there is something I want you to listen to…

The Land of Make-Believe

And this recording is why, or just an example of why, I still love the music of the Moody Blues. It is a song from fifty years ago this year, first published in 1972 as part of the super-group’s Seventh Sojourn album. As fresh and melodic today as it was back then, in spite of the lack of HD finish (perhaps not even dreamed of back then). No lifeless dirges here, this is Music that carries the soul along with it, and leaves the listener with the feeling that while everything may not be as right as it should be, on the outside – something good just happened, inside. That is the true purpose of music.

The Land of Make-Believe

We’re living in the land of make-believe
And trying not to let it show
Maybe in that land of make-believe
Heartaches can turn into joy.
We’re breathing in the smoke of high and low
We’re taking up a lot of room
Somewhere in the dark and silent night
Our prayer will be heard, make it soon.
So fly little bird
Up into the clear blue sky
And carry the word
Love’s the only reason why, why.
Open up the shutters on your windows
Unlock all the locks upon your doors
Brush away the cobwebs from your day-dreams
No secrets come between us any more
Oh say it’s true
Only love will see you through
You know what love can do to you.

You may be asked to watch this video on YouTube, but that’s Ok. I usually do that anyway.

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