Solidarity with Russia

Russia will never die. But may she ever continue to grow and prosper as one of the founding nations of the New Era in global affairs beginning in the year 2022. One of, if not the leading power of, major nations which were instrumental in the eradication of international terrorism and nazism, and the aggressive oppression and destruction favoured by western nations under the banner of NATO and submissively feeding the depraved exceptionalism of the US.

The world owes Russia, her people and her allies, an unpayable debt of gratitude for that supreme effort on behalf of free nations everywhere.

If only the whole world could taste and feel some of this vibrant energy and engage with the unifying power of it. No exceptionalism here. Only a sense of belonging, communal and self respect, and a spirit of egalitarian cooperation with others of like mind. That’s what humanity should be about.

(Note: I have shared a version of this video a couple of times over the years but I now see that version is unavailable in my country.  So this is also a retaliation against whatever is the cause of that.) 

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