“On average, a warmer world is a wetter world” – and Other Important Matters

[A word of warning: You have no idea of what you are getting yourself into should you be reading this for the first time]

It is difficult to find something to seriously write about these days. Especially if you consider all is going right with the world and both nature and natural justice are proceeding along very deterministic lines as they should – and no force of mankind can effectively interfere with or prevent that from continuing – not even a nuclear war. I accept that premise as being a basic truth, and everything else grows and flows from that base, exactly as it is intended to do. In other words, there is nothing to worry about.

Detrimental forces will continue to rise and wane (including those of human origin or instigation). People will continue to be born and people will continue to die. Sometimes more, sometimes less, of either. The same with other animals, plants, fish, bugs, insects and spiders. Species will appear and disappear. The Earth will continue its annual journey around the Sun. The Sun will continue its journey around the galactic centre (thankfully far away from the expected turmoil which goes on there). The galaxy will continue its own journey among other local galaxies …and so on. Most of which goes on unwitnessed and unnoticed by human eyes or intellect. And there is nothing we can do to influence any of that natural course – even if we form committees or organisations or allegiances whose sole purpose is to effect some form of such influence, no matter how strongly we attempt to specify or activate our intentions.

And yet we worry about the most stupid of things. About our place or position in the pecking order of arrangements and our ability to influence or control events from the situation within our own dwelling, whatever that may be, to our local community and all the way up to both nationally and globally – and in some cases even beyond that. Totally forgetting or ignoring the fact that we are given the capacity to understand truth for a reason, and that acting in ways which complement that truth and understanding, brings and grows a state of wisdom. All else is folly.

Hmm… Ok… well, I had better get to what I wanted to talk about here, which is the constant folly that we can impose our will, in fact the very idea that we are even able or ‘allowed’ (by nature) to impose our will, with impunity, and without redress, on the natural world in which we exist and without which we could not possibly live anywhere else in this vast universe (possibly even if we could devise ways to safely get to other places). Or that, having now jumped to the conclusion that we may have perhaps overdone our imposition on the natural structures, we can somehow mitigate that destructive intrusion by other means to restore some sort of balance to Earth’s climate, while continuing to do exactly what we have been doing for so long, and knowing we simply cannot now stop that activity whether we had the will or not to disassemble the whole structure and edifice of the so-called ‘civilisation’ which we now perceive (some of us at least) as being the epicentre of all our problems.

[All of the above, except for the word of warning (which was added last), I wrote two days ago, stopping only because other events intervened. In most such cases I would have left this as an unpublished draft, but I consider this – and the information which follows – important enough for me to keep pressing ahead. Whether it will eventually emerge as a published work I am not, at this point, sure]

I am growing older. That is a fact. But whether that plays a part in my current conclusion that this winter, here in the southern parts of Australia, has been the coldest and wettest I have known (perhaps for the now more than 40 years I have lived in this country), may be a correct analysis or simply a matter of personal perception, I do not know. Nor am I in a position to authoritatively say. But I have found other opinions and other supportive information to suggest that claim may indeed be valid.

A recent article, published by the Moscow online news-sheet VZGLYAD, was first to kindle my thoughts along this line. It is titled ‘Europe’s climate disaster was caused by a “Girl”‘, and no, this makes no reference to the activities of a young, teenage, female, vociferous, autistic, Swede who has been portrayed as both saint and scapegoat and used as the dart-board image for all kinds of pointed issues related to climate – revealing the vast amount of emotive energy to be shaped and controlled, not to mention ‘money’ invested (gained or lost), surrounding that field.

I would ask you to please read that article since it contains too much information, not to read but to reproduce here, and it contains and presents a different perspective on climate change than may have entered your thought-sphere to this point. Please read carefully.

Ok, now having some background on ‘the girl’ – La Niña – and the realisation that she can produce or influence a variety of non-intuitive effects in a warming world, know that she is not done with us yet, in this cycle of her existence. There is reason to believe that La Niña will be influencing our weather patterns for a third year in a row. This is more or less confirmed in the latest season forecast for Australia and, from what the VZGLYAD article suggests, this may also have relevance for the northern hemisphere.

Perhaps, no, not perhaps but definitely, the most important point to come from this discussion is the fact of global greening (the production of leaf cover) mentioned in the VZGLYAD article. Such is counter-intuitive.

We have long been taught and come to believe that global warming means the death of vegetation and we have been persuaded (the science tells us) that the future world will not be able to support nearly as much life as it has in the past or present. Agriculture, at least industrial agriculture, will become a thing of the past as various warming points are exceeded, we have been told. That may be so, and there may come a point at which temperatures do foreclose on the production of much current vegetation (and therefore ‘food’). But is ‘science’ being honest with us? We now know from recent experience (the fake, man-made COVID pandemic and its inheritance) that ‘science’ can no longer be trusted to report the truth in affairs of health. Can it also be trusted then in affairs of climate? Can what we have learned today of the counter-intuitive or counter-narrative aspects of a warming climate, counter the science we have been led to expect? Is there a real danger to our world? Or it this all just another ‘Fauci-style’ scheme to make money for corporate enterprise by selling electric cars to us and forming our expectation and acceptance of a less favourable and less comfortable world?

I am not saying that all these things are true, or likely, or even possible. It takes a while to digest new information, to take on board new ideas. Let it be said that neither Russia nor China appear to be very worried about the kind of changes that are driving the west to such lunatic efforts that they are willing to entertain and even work towards mass starvation and deprivation of their own peoples that we currently see unfolding for ‘the winter of our discontent’ now looming in the northern hemisphere. But Russia and China are both in a growth phase while the west is visibly sinking into ruin. Could that be a form of blinker for the founders of the new order? Or are their expectations that this will all blow over with the demise of western influence, somewhere on the mark? Don’t ask me. I don’t know. Perhaps nobody does. Perhaps we are flying blind at this point. I am simply here to raise pertinent questions. I don’t possess answers.

I will make just one further point in summary and to leave readers with this, perhaps not-as-well-expressed-as-I-would-like, jumble of ideas for either contemplation or dismissal. Which brings us back to where I started…

Whatever happens, the natural cycles of warming/cooling, of La Niña/El Niño, of growth/stagnation/decline, of fortune/misfortune, of everything that makes up our world, will carry on, unperturbed and undisturbed, with or without our human presence here on this planet.

We are entirely, by ourselves, solely responsible, within the scope of existing acceptable conditions for life, for our continued existence as a species.

Is that not the most important thing to which we should give consideration, above all else – when we are well aware that…

‘All else is folly’?

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