I Wonder What The Pile Of Rubble A $1 Billion US Military Aid To Ukraine Looks Like? Can Someone Take A Photo When They See It?

The madness that possesses US foreign policy thinking is difficult to coherently fathom. The same goes for all their loony partners of course. Don’t they know that as soon as any of this stuff appears anywhere in Ukraine it will immediately, or soon thereafter, resemble a pile of useless junk? And even if it somehow escapes that fate by being secreted in a dark warehouse somewhere close to where actual conflict is raging, it will soon be confiscated (after abandonment, on retreat) and fall (or be delivered) into the hands of Donbass state militias (except that received from Germany – which is said to be hopelessly out of date and unusable [and what does that say about how Germany thinks of Ukrainians?])?

It’s all just a juvenile boys game, isn’t it? Well, it is for the west. Simply a who’s got the biggest dick contest. And those who know their dick is not even in the contest, substitute it with the biggest toys with the biggest bang they have in store. Russians don’t even need to worry on that score, with either real entries or substitutes. They’ve got it won, hands down.

But the contest has to be played out, or otherwise voided by trickery or sleight of hand if it appears to be going the wrong way for the west. By introducing something like a fake pandemic intervention or other chemical atrocity blamed on the other side. Enabling the losers to take their bat and ball and go home with feigned indignation and obscure threats, or by the signing of some easily avoided treaty conditions.

That’s how these things work these days. All fakery on one side. Nothing real. Since reality became optional in their delusional world. Which means the side working from sincerity, with justifiable goals and honourable ideals, never gets to taste real victory by exposing the fraud and fakery of the other. But at least they have the satisfaction of knowing they operated in alignment with their principles and they can stand tall to fight again any other day it becomes necessary, living free without the burden of shame and dishonour which they know must be eating away at the core of those who consider them enemies.

Anyway, back to the $1 billion of fake (debt) money for aid that will no doubt be added to the bottom of the bill for the already impoverished donee country – poor suckers. Western aid always comes at a highly marked up cost (one way or another – often both).

What drove me to write all this was this fine, clear, article from Finian Cunningham at Strategic Culture Foundation in what must have been a St Patrick’s Day special for him (assuming he has some Irish in him) and quite incidentally also my birthday – meaning I’m now 77 – Arrghh!


‘Russia Delivers NATO Dire Warning With Polish Border Base Devastation’ – Finian Cunningham – Strategic Culture Foundation

It’s a Cracker!!


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