Russian ‘Special Operation in Ukraine – Day of Silence

Nothing much to report today due to the so-called Day of Silence – supposedly to allow extraction of civilians from various blockaded cities. Nothing dramatic seems to have occurred – as expected. There is still a map but little has changed – although, particularly in Mariupol, Russian forces have penetrated sufficiently to now be in control of much of the city. Russian troops are perhaps the best in the world at clearing cities – whereas the US prefers to simply bomb them out of existence, civilians and all. Such a contrast – and for western media to claim Russia is massacring civilians everywhere is entirely despicable journalism, lacking even a vestige of truth.

‘Map of military operations in Ukraine for 08.03.2022’ – Readovka News

But hold on – don’t lose interest – Phase 2 is about to begin (not sure exactly when) and it may be more visible and much louder, as even Lvov may become untenable for the cowardly western heroes who have stabled themselves there.

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