“Now Dance, Suckers.”

…a jibe by Pepe Escobar at all those imbeciles of the northern alliance (dubbed NATOstan by Pepe) who have themselves constructed the conditions which precipitated the world changing events of 22022022 (yesterday, as I write). You brought on yourselves what you may be expected now to endure, you dumb and indescribably evil bastards. I hope you regretfully enjoy to the fullest extent the reversal of fortune, to which you have committed yourselves and the people you are supposed to represent and protect. I doubt they will be in a forgiving or forgetting mood.

As for Pepe Escobar, the “Now dance, suckers.” quote I used above, is the final sentence in this his latest assessment on the situation which now faces the world. Please read, and understand.

‘The Birth of the Baby Twins: Russia’s Strategic Swing Drives NATOstan Nuts’ – Pepe Escobar on Strategic Culture Foundation

While searching for a suitable image for this post I came across an interesting and informative post on LiveJournal – The future of Donbass with Russia… by Taksisto. ‘Taksisto’, by my understanding, being an Esperanto word meaning ‘taxi driver’. I think you may like to read that. It is also where I found the above image.

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