Is Nazi Germany Now Being Mirrored in Australia? Listen To The Lawyers

It is with some macabre but heartwarming satisfaction that the words you have written as a lay person merely from observation, extensive reading, and paying attention to what goes on around you, your own personal take on the world, is/are mirrored by the thoughts of some of the best legal minds in the nation. By people who operate at the very heart of the legal system, defending criminal cases brought by their own government on some potentially innocent or at least still held to be innocent until proven guilty (whether that legal right still holds into the future, or not – and for how long) fellow citizens. People who should know, and I feel sure do know how the pulse of the legal system is faring in these turbulent times through which we live.

So, when you come across an article written by such lawyers, on these matters involving changes in the legal rights of citizens through recently enacted legislation deemed to be for the protection of those citizens but infringing on their legal rights and rights under the common law of humanity, you need to give that some attention and the appropriate weight of personal judgement as to its relevance.

The article shared below, came to me recently from a friend overseas, to whom I am grateful for pointing out a gap in my readings. Were it not for that intervention I would have been completely unaware of such similar thought patterns among lawyers as I have been able to garner for myself.

‘Sydney Criminal Lawyers’ is a law firm specialising in defending criminal matters. That does not necessarily make them friends of the underworld, though I expect they get their share of such work, but friends of the legally intimidated and government oppressed (often through overreach) public.

What is said in this shared blog post, are things I have to some extent also aired recently here. The general situation which surrounds these matters is obviously very disturbing.

Is Australia, as guinea pig, and potentially the whole of the Western world and in particular the English speaking world, about to face a situation similar to that forced on the German public and impacting almost the whole of the continent we now refer to as the greater Eurasian continent, almost a hundred years ago? If and when you consider that prospect, how does it make you feel? These things are very relevant – not just some juggled thoughts from a low-impact local blogger. They will affect you personally at some stage. Time to start paying attention.

Lawyers and Judges in Nazi Germany – from the blog of Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

OK, it is dated 2016, but that just adds to the prescience of these lawyers and gives rise to the consideration as to how long we, the people, have been asleep. How long do we intend to remain asleep? Until it is too late? Ask any elderly citizen of German descent just exactly what that means.

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