American Nationality Based on Perverted Political Religion

“The entire concept of American nationality is based on this perverted political religion, creating an extremely ideological national identity that is reinforced almost daily to prevent its collapse.”

– All quotes in this piece are by Larry Romanoff

Could there be another statement to which I would more want to say ‘Hear, hear’?  I can’t think of one.  This statement and the article from which it is drawn (linked below), represent an explanation for all that is bad or wrong with the world of mankind both today and in the recent past – or pretty much all of it anyway.  

‘If America Dissolves’ – by Larry Romanoff via Titanic Lifeboat Academy –  originally published here

I echo every word Romanoff says, with feeling and understanding.  This cries out to be shared by everyone with even mildly the same views.  Please do your part in that.  The world cannot go on with the cancerous growth of ‘American Exceptionalism’ eating its way through our innards.

I’m not sure we can wait for it to die naturally by its own self-destruction through internal collapse.  It can’t be that hard to achieve.  As Romanoff says…

“…American patriotism may be best understood as the biggest case of mass hysteria in history. But again, it’s all they have. There is nothing else.”

“Americans are empty, devoid of culture and civilisation, lacking common traditions, beliefs or history. Americans have only their substandard political religion to bind them together, and there is nothing else for them, no community or belonging beyond being a member of this “team”, their political ideology being the only adhesive. Their entire American existence is founded on this false ideological narrative, the entire regime predicated on these moralistic political-religious myths and fables. If we expose and destroy the myths, forcing Americans to face the bare truths of their nation, the entire narrative collapses, and if the narrative collapses, the regime cannot stand.”

Hear! Hear!

After exposing a great many other truths, which we all knew or suspected, Romanoff concludes:

“George Bush Sr. said, “If the people knew what we were doing, they would hang us in the streets”. Perhaps one day soon, they will.”

Bring on the day.

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