A Building Up and a Tearing Down

As I begin to write this it is only a full sleep since I made, with gushing praise, the post on the speech of President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin for the WEF Davos conference held in virtual format in late January of this year.

Now I must begin the work of placing that speech and also the one given by President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping at the same virtual event, in context with the situation of our world today and in what appears to be our projected future.

Regretfully I am going to have to leave this project hanging there for a while. Think of it as a place-marker for something yet to arrive. The enormity of the task has just hit me and I don’t feel capable of fulfilling it or doing justice to my own expectations today. I just want to let you know that I see many obstacles in the path towards a more equitable world, a world that is more just, stable, peaceful, cooperative and safe – the world that these two great men envision in their speeches – than that in which we currently find ourselves living.

Yes, I could just throw out there some discussion points, in an offhand manner, but this subject I think demands more than that. I will work towards that end, even if it means little more than handing out those discussion points in the end. As they say – ‘stay tuned’.

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