Cuba-Canada in Resource Talks

I have grown tired I think, for the moment at least, of sharing stories of what ails the West.  Let the West sort its own problems out, if it can – and there are many.  And many of them appear insurmountable just now.  It’s a dangerous time for everyone.

But here is a story of international cooperation between such ideologically different nations as Canada and Cuba.  Proving that such mutually beneficial dialog can occur. Though to who’s benefit has yet to be seen.

‘Canada To Help Cuba Develop and Export Its Biofertilizer NEREA®’ – teleSUR

I should warn Cubans however, that Canada is a Western nation, and is therefore both exploitative and untrustworthy.  Western nations rarely, if ever, do anything that is not of greater benefit to themselves than any other party to their agreements.  Cuba needs to tread carefully and also to bear in mind that any large scale exploitation of its natural resources to the wider world could lead to depletion and loss, leaving the country in a worse position in the long run.  And the capability for nations to be able to feed themselves is going to be of paramount importance in the years ahead.  Short-term gain, without thought for tomorrow, is a Western trait.  One that has seen their own countries in need of exploiting the lands and resources of others.

This article also contains a very interesting video interview for anyone associated with small-scale farming. Though any other connective relevance to the article, appears to be missing. However, I feel this to be an important video and one in which some of the things said there brought watery eyes for me. Cuba is well placed to survive a future in which many other nations likely will not – because Cuba is planning and working towards that all the time. And they have the right ideas to make that happen. Take a look. I have pulled out the link to the full interview for you:

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