Row, Row, Row the Boat…

Epitomical of the disturbed nature of weather systems under the increasing influence, tending to extremes, of increasingly disruptive global climate change, ‘abnormal weather’ conditions are forecast for Russia over the next few days.  This is something we will all increasingly (sorry for the overuse of that word – used purely for emphasis) need to get accustomed to experiencing, as nature begins to bite back for our decades of abuse and over-consumption.

Western Siberia will see temperatures plunge 5-10 Centigrade (15-18 locally) lower than normal at this time, while Eastern Siberia may get to 20-25 Centigrade above normal.

“Russian regions to face abnormal weather soon – expert” – TASS

“What’s that to me?” you say, “I live in Nebraska”.   To which I reply, “Well, I haven’t checked, but I suspect Nebraska will perhaps, at some stage, have its own unique and unusual circumstances to contend with”.

There’s only one boat.  And we are all in it.  Like it or not.

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