The Elephants Are Waiting…

It’s a little bit premature, in fact a whole lot premature, to call the US election, as the Dems are whoopedly doing right now.  That decision is not in their hands to make.  And the number of hurdles that have to be crossed before the end of the year, signify that it is quite likely their jubilation will be unable to withstand a turnover at any one of those stages.

The Trump lawsuits are just one of those elephants now leaning against the walls of the Dem’s jubilant party houses, casting a knowing eye on the proceedings and waiting their time to bust up those shenanigans. 

The necessary two votes of the Electoral College by December 14 to decide the issue is also not the least of those hurdles – Republican governments holding majority positions to determine electors to participate in those votes in most of the key states.

It is quite obvious that there has been massive vote fraud, and perhaps not for the first time in US history.  The nation that has the most form on the issue of election and other interference in many nations around the world is surely not averse to also interfering in its own electoral and other processes. 

“I don’t think we’re going to see a new election, but we could see a requirement of hand counting of every county where a machine was used that had the potential for glitches.” – Alan Dershowitz – Harvard Law Professor and constitutional law expert.
See more here:  Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax TV: Court Challenge Hinges on Numbers

I gratefully acknowledge that this link came to me courtesy of Tessa Lena in a recent post – #Elections2020: A Nation of Televangelists – on Tessa Fights Robots.  I don’t necessarily agree with all her views, which are peculiarly American in flavour, but the lady has her head on the right way.  There are other important links in her post you may wish to pursue – especially if you are American (or Australian – which nation has just announced the same list of secret vaccine contract sources as those named in the post for US use) and intend to submit to government supplied COVID vaccination programs. On second thoughts, I consider this issue important enough that I am going to give you the link directly, here: Operation Warp Speed Is Using A CIA-Linked Contractor To Keep Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret – even though it is a little off-topic.

I should also declare that I am not an American, nor do I have intimate knowledge of US constitutional law, but all my writings on such issues are the result of my gleaning of information from sources I consider to be wise counsel.

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