Impending Crisis + Unseating The Monkey on My Back

This fine, scientifically based article, goes much further than my own efforts to share the details of the impending climate crisis we are to inevitably face in the months, years and decades ahead.  It won’t be easy reading if you have mostly ignored all that previously.  But it is important, and will no doubt soon become pressing, so you would be well advised to keep up. 

“The Arctic hasn’t been this warm for 3 million years–and that foreshadows big changes for the rest of the planet” – PhysOrg, a republishing of an article by Julie Brigham-Grette and Steve Petsch on The Conversation.

While being an excellent article, it does have one failing for me, and it is one that I have long and endlessly agonised about internally.  Occasionally making efforts to voice my angst in writing but never so far getting very far toward adequately expressing.  It is a big task and one that I may never now complete in the twilight years of my life.  Briefly stated, it is this:

Science, like religion (both different sides of the same coin), has its own precepts and dogmas, its priests and saints, and its own sacred writings.  Unlike religions, the sacred writings of science were mostly penned during the past two centuries, its deepest and most basic tenets being set in stone in the nineteenth century by men who are held as heralds of unalterable truth – no matter what contrary evidence has been revealed and is still being revealed in modern times.  Evidence that was in fact revealed in their own writings but because it was at the time unacceptable to fit into their mental image of how things were meant to be, was discarded in favour of some made up and totally implausible scheme that has filtered down to us as the twin and mutually self-justifying theories of Uniformity and Evolution.  It is only on the basis of these ‘sacred stories’ that the estimated durations of its epochal periods, which in turn have determined the age of our planetary home, its local star system and indeed the universe of which we are a part.  Not, I emphasise, on any realistic appraisal of the visual evidence of our physical world or any other scientific basis.

For example, until a few decades ago, the age of our planet was considered to be some 3 billion years. Only in recent times has it been recalculated to be some 4-5 billion years. Why?  Because recent discoveries have been determined to require more massive periods of elapsed time to produce the conditions which we see today if only the slow, gradual change of uniformitarian and evolutionary forces have been at play across the eons of Earth’s history. The length of the ages will no doubt change again at some point. No catastrophic forces or events are allowed to intervene or interfere in these processes.

I have no doubt that gradual change is undergone in epochal time periods, but to assume that this is all there is, and that history can be back-estimated on that basis alone without the frequent and massive intervention of catastrophic forces is a form of insanity, and at the very least the same kind of blinkered thought processes as possess folk to believe in some form of supreme being, ephemeral or otherwise, as the creator of all this chaotic universe, centred around our own image of ourselves as its most superior product.

Well I seem to have gotten something off my chest there.  Maybe one day I will propose some evidence to support my views.  Evidence there is aplenty for those willing to look.  A good place to start – and I hesitate to say this because most of the author’s work, other than this volume, is biased by his ethnic and religious beliefs – would be Velikovsky’s masterpiece of collation of the views and evidence provided by many eminent scientists of the past two centuries (including Lyell and Darwin, who are credited with much of the Uniformitarian and Evolutionary theories) – the book titled ‘Earth In Upheaval’.  Of which the author himself said:

“I present here some pages from the book of nature. I have excluded from them all references to ancient literature, traditions, and folklore; and this I have done with intent, so that careless critics cannot decry the entire work as “tales and legends.” Stones and bones are the only witness.” – Immanuel Velikovsky, Earth in Upheaval, 1956, “Preface”

Even though Velikovsky does attempt to squeeze all this history into just a few thousand years, this does not detract from the very real and recorded evidence he and the myriad past voices of scientific research echoed in the book, presents for our enlightenment.

Copies of this book are still available, usually at elevated costs these days.  My own worn and yellowing Abacus paperback copy is one of my personal treasures.

It is up to you.  Continue to be deceived by the fables of established science or do some research of your own …and keep watching this blog – I may yet surprise you.

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