EU At Odds With US? Now There’s A Thing! It’s Sometimes Referred To As Self-Preservation

The state of depravity to which the machinery of US government will sink sometimes beggars belief – though there is sufficient past history for any outrageous action of that entity to be taken as merely routine, able to be anticipated, even though its schemes never seem to bottom out but consistently find new depths to plumb.  But at this point in time, taking into account all the surrounding factors, the activities of the US State Dept and Congress in regard to the Russia-EU implementation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline just smacks of pure panic and desperation.

Fortunately, all that US grift and graft is today I think adequately recognised for what it is, and the likelihood of blocking or ignoring actions on the part of pissed off EU governments appears to be greater than zero – perhaps united for the first time in that organisation’s history.  It’s now a matter of self-preservation against a predatory antagonist. A rather reactionary position for the staid EU to adopt. Well, it’s to be hoped they can find the necessary backbone to make the stand to do it.

“European Union vs. Donald Trump – The confrontation between the EU and the United States is escalating” – Pavel Alexandrov, international observer, for InfoRos

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