Another COVID-19 Milestone

Late last night I began to wonder if I had been a little over-excited when I said yesterday (see image below – I somehow failed to post that VK message here, as I usually do) there would be over a million people diagnosed with The Virus today. But there the figures are in black and white, actually grey and white on the Worldometers Coronavirus page this morning.

Another milestone reached in the COVID-19 story. And that is a jump of around 80,000 new cases in 24 hours. Has the world woken up and is doing more testing? Whatever, the ratios between all of the major metrics has remained largely unchanged.

There has been a bit of a surge in recoveries overnight, April 2/3, but the deaths have kept pace and the rate still stands at 20% of the closed cases measure – still the most accurate of the basic calculations.

What does the future hold? As I said when I first began to write about The Virus, I don’t think this is the thing that will end our civilisation but it will weaken it to the point where any little rock in the path ahead may cause it to stumble and fall. There are a number of such rocks that we already know about, and a few that we haven’t even considered at this point.

I may have more to say on that, later.

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